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Our nextevent:

August 10th, 2024

@ Crestone Charter School

330 E Lime Avenue
Crestone, CO

Local astrophotographer, meteorologist, and resident astronomy enthusiast, Scott Stevens, will lead us in Experiencing the Night: 

What to Expect: This year's celebration happens during the Perseid Meteor Shower, whose radiant rises with the constellation Perseus in the northeast,  climbing higher and higher as the night progresses.


What to Bring: Lawn Chair and Blanket. This is a naked eye event, no optical aid is required. Though with the Milky Way passing overhead, a pair of binoculars will bring those dim fuzzies into view.  


What will be provided:  An 8” telescope will be set up to view some brighter objects like the bright globular cluster in Hercules, M13. M8 and M20 nebula in Sagittarius.


Another smaller scope will be imaging so guests will have the opportunity to view and take home some astro-photos. 

Join us for an unforgettable evening!!


Also featuring:


Shumei Taiko Drums


The Music of Steve and Trevor Storm


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The International Dark-Sky Association works to protect the night skies for present & future generations.

-Learn more about the International Dark Sky Association-

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  • Read about our recent International Dark Sky Designation!
    In May of 2021, the Town of Crestone received the IDSC designation and was named an International Dark Sky Community, becoming the fourth community in Colorado and the 31st in the world to receive the designation. Crestone Colorado and the Baca is one of the most beautiful, highly creative and unique communities on the earth plane. You can look up and literally see the Milky Way in all its glory. The Universe is at our fingertips and 70% of the people on this planet will never have this experience since the invention of the lightbulb 140 years ago. Humans have lived by the stars for eons. There is fantastic and helpful information located on the International Dark-Sky Website. Please take the time and go to WWW.Darksky.Org Thank again Crestone for this Auspicious and Brilliant accomplishment! Media Enquiries Town of Crestone, Colorado Mayor Kairina Danforth Email: Tel.: +1 719-256-5445
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